Since in the market there are number of brands of oats available for the consumer in market. We are giving you frequent asked questions and their answers

1)Is BDL Rolled Oats are beneficial for sugar control?

Ans:- Yes, you know that BDL rolled oats are fortified with extra Beta Glucan and Inulin which Makes BDL Rolled Oats one of the best for controlling insulin spicks, hence it gives better sugar control

2)Does BDL Rolled Oats flush out extra Blood Cholesterol?

Ans:-Yes, Soluble fibers in BDL Rolled Oats can flush out Bad Cholesterol, during the digestion process in small intestine

3)Do BDL Rolled Oats are recomonded for fat loss?

Ans:-BDL Rolled Oats are organic Non GMO and free from any preservative and fertilizers. BDL Rolled oats gives you satitety and is slowly digested. Hence, it helps in less food consumption.

4)Can women suffering from PCOS/PCOD can enjoy BDL ROLLED Oats for fat loss, with the best results?

Ans:-Yes, a women suffering from PCOS/PCOD can enjoy BDL Rolled Oats for fat loss with the best results.

5)Who else can consume BDL Rolled oats?

Ans:-Yes, you can in fact BDL Rolled oats are highly recommended as a pre workout supplement which will give u more sustainable energy for heavy lifting

6)How to use/cook BDL rolled oats for health purpose/various medical conditions?

Ans:-You can eat BDL Rolled Oats consume in variour ways. We have provided our link of cooking vedios for cooking BDL Rolled Oats for various health purposes and Clinical conditions