BDL Rolled oats breakfast recipe Ingredients.

1)BDL Rolled oats 40 g (for one person)

2)200 ml water

3)50 g curd

4) pinch of cinnamon powder.

5)pinch of,hing and jeera.

6)2 cloves of garlic

7)25 g dry fruits.

8)half teaspoon turmeric


1)first boil the water,when water is boilling add BDL Rolled Oats and all ingredients except dry fruits and curd.

2)let simmer the Water 5 minutes, Then turn the gas to medium flame. And let cook the oats till 10 to 15 minutes or till it is soft and cooked.

3) now remove oats from gas and add curd and dry fruits. Enjoy your cooked BDL OATS as a healthy meal.



1) 40 g BDL Rolled

2) half cup cooked moong dal

3) one cup mix veggies(any veggies of your choice)

4) one small onion chopped

5) one tsp grated ginger

6) one tsp chopped garlic

7) half tsp mustard seeds

8) half tsp cumin seeds

9) one slit opened green chilli

10)whole black peppers

11) few curry leaves

12) 1/4 tsp turmeric powder

13) a pinch of hing

14) one bay leave

15) salt to taste

16) half tsp oil or ghee

17) half lemon

Cooking method

1) heat oil or ghee in a pan

2) fry the mastard seeds,cumin seeds and bay leaves.

3) add the chopped onions,slit opened green chilli,grated ginger,curry leaves and chopped garlic.

4) cook until the onions are translucent.

5) now add the mix vegitables,whole black peppers,turmeric powder and salt.

6) cook for a seconds,add two cups of water,cooked moong dal ang bring it to a boil.

7) meanwhile dry roast the BDL ROLLED OATS and keep aside.

8) Add the roasted BDL Rolled Oats to the boilling water,stir well and cook for 8 minutes.

9)put of the gas and don't disturb the  cooked BDL Rolled Oats another 5 minutes.

10) serve hot with dash of lemon juice.